07 May 2015

prints for sale -- fundraiser

UPDATE: 3 left!!

My friend Amber Ledesma was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year + is preparing for a liver transplant. 
She has started a Gofundme page (http://www.gofundme.com/tv5p8gg) to raise funds to care for herself + her pups during this time. 
Amber is a fantastic person + I am hoping to raise money for her by selling the prints below. Each photograph was taken by me, on 35mm film, and measures 5x7 inches. With signed mats each measures total 8x10 inches, ready to frame. Each one is $20 postage paid.

(I took quick snapshots of them to get them up immediately, if you have any questions about them or would like to see a higher quality version please let me know.)

Thank you to everyone in advance, let's help Amber out!!
Hollywood, CA. 2010.

SOLD!! Starlite Drive-In, El Monte, CA. 2008.

SOLD!! Parking lot carnival, 2009. Lomo Fisheye.

Abandoned restaurant, San Bernardino, CA. 2008.

SOLD!! New York City, 2004.

SOLD!! Toy camera teacups, 2010.

SOLD!! Banning, CA (since demolished). 2010.

SOLD!! Riverside, CA. 2008.

Riverside, CA. 2008.

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