08 April 2015

destination unknown

Long overdue for a change of scenery, I mentioned to my husband that I'd like to head out and see something new as soon as we had the chance. Last Sunday we got in the car and he navigated us up into the hills, to a canyon near the Cleveland National Forest. I wasn't sure what to expect, I was honestly just happy to be out on an adventure. 

I won't detail specifically where we were, as it is not public property, but I will give a little backstory on the location -- in the 1960s, a land owner hauled in over 50 cars from a local junkyard in the canyon to help curb flooding in the area. Over the years the spot became one of legend -- was there a creepy asylum at the end of the lane past the decaying autos? Or a mansion where a reclusive doctor lived? Was it haunted? Did rabid dogs attack anyone who stepped foot on the property?

Urban legends aside, this is a spectacularly unique location. Decades of wind, rainfall, rust, and nature have absorbed the cars into the landscape. It's very cool that they are still there, though for how much longer is uncertain -- developmental sprawl is moving its way quickly up toward the property, despite its proximity to the Cleveland National Forest. Nonetheless, I was excited to experience a place so incredible, and to have been able to photograph it. Here are some images from that day, in the order they were taken.

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03 April 2015

Easter greetings

These postcards are from my personal collection. Each is embossed. The first one I came across at a second hand shop and the rest are part of a lovely fabric-lined box a dear friend gave me for Christmas this past year, a box filled with dozens postcard greetings to Goldie Marple of West Virginia. Many stamps were removed, taking with them the postmark, but based on the dates that remain this correspondence is between 1905-1920. I think it is wonderful that she kept them safe for so many years, I do and will continue to cherish them myself. Enjoy.

Easter 1913

To Miss Goldie Marple from Bert Rogers, undated

To Bert Rogers from Goldie Marple, undated

To Goldie Rogers (now Mrs. Bert Rogers), 1913

To Goldie Rogers, undated

To Goldie Rogers from Emma Marple, undated