13 May 2013

A Box of Photographs.... part 2

Last May I posted several photos from a box of photographs I'd received that chronicled decades of a single family's life and memories. What better time than now to share more?

"Badlands, South Dakota 1965"

"US Mint, Denver, CO 1965"

"Badlands, South Dakota July 1965"

"Frank, 1965 Chevy"

no caption

"Along river trail North St. Vrain River, Colo 1965"

"Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota 1965"

no caption

"Custer State Park, South Dakota 1965"

"North St. Vrain River, Colo 1965"

"Mt. Rushmore thru binoculars, 1965"

"Cadets at Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs"