18 April 2014

the $4 Honeywell projector, part 2

A few months ago I shared some slides that I had found in a broken projector I had purchased at a local estate sale. Here are a few more images from that collection.

"Dogwood, Ozarks, MO". Slide stamped May 1965.

"Arizona". Slide stamped April 1966.

"View of Palm Springs from top of tramway." Slide dated July 1963.

"Holly Sugar, Hereford, TX". Slide dated May 1967.
 I looked into the history of this plant and found out that it was in operation from 1964-1998.

Slide stamped May 1966.

"Zaloudek J.I. Case Dealer, Kremlin, OK". Slide not dated.
The F.W. Zaloudek Machinery Company is still in business in Kremlin.

"Old railroad station in Vaughn, NM". Slide dated May 1966.

"Queen Creek Tunnel, Superior, AZ". Slide undated.

17 April 2014

Tomb Sweet Tomb

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Opened to the public August 9, 1969.
Photographed here with a 1950s Anscoflex camera on April 6, 2014.

The Haunted Mansion has been my favorite Disneyland attraction since I was a child.