26 May 2015

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

There are a handful of places in the world that have truly become a part of who I am. The 1899 Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one such place. I'll put it simply -- if you've never been, go. Beyond that, I'll let the photographs below, which only just begin to scratch the surface of the greatness of the cemetery, speak for themselves. Enjoy.

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A quick p.s. -- In recent years, Hollywood Forever has become a very unlikely venue for both musical performances and outdoor movie screenings, Cinespia at the helm of the latter. It's wonderful that the cemetery -- once in such disrepair that families of the deceased threatened to disinter and relocate their loved ones -- is able to host such popular events that both generate revue for and introduce new visitors to the location. I highly recommend Karie Bible's fantastic "The Cemetery of the Stars" walking tour, which is a wonderful introduction to Hollywood legends interred at the cemetery.

All photographs copyright Monika Seitz Vega, 2012-2015.

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