08 January 2015

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I hope you find something here that you find unique, relatable, or inspiring. 

A couple of points to help understand the way this website is designed:

*Every photograph has been taken by me, on film. Any exception to this is clear -- I try to keep my own photographs separate from those that are found, vintage, historical, however you want to put it. I try to provide as much information about the images that are not my own as I can. 

*I very often embed a link into my text, but I prefer not to have them stand out in a garish color, so they may be hard to find at times. A good rule of thumb is to hover over a point of reference (typically the name of a person or location) and there's a very good chance I've included a link so you can find out more about that subject.

*Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, every image contained on this website is viewable large and on a black background if you click on it. Please take the opportunity to view the images you like in this way, singled out and without distraction. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks for stopping by!

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