09 August 2016

Happy 47th birthday, Haunted Mansion!

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion has been my absolute favorite Disney attraction since I was a kid. It's tough to explain just why -- it just is, and always will be.

Today, the 47th anniversary of its opening day, I'd like to share some film photographs of the Mansion that I've taken over the years as well as a few links to historical resources regarding the imagineering and history of the attraction.

Please visit + enjoy the following:
The Backside of Water Podcast - Haunted Mansion episode
Theme Park Tourist - The Dark, Troubled History of Disney's Haunted Mansion
The History of Haunted Mansion Holiday
The history and return of the infamous Hatbox Ghost
Haunted Mansion complete soundtrack
Marvel Comics debuts 5 issue Haunted Mansion series in 2016

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