18 October 2013

postcards, part 3

This next batch of postcards belonged to my grandmother, Helen Byers. They are from the years she spent in the Navy in the 1940s, which I profiled last year in a Veteran's Day tribute to her. I love to imagine her life then, traveling and seeing things so different from what she saw growing up in the midwest. Rarely a day goes by without me thinking of her or being reminded of her in some way. Her spirit is very much a part of who I am.

back of the Omaha postcard. Red was one of my grandmother's friends from the Navy, nicknamed for her red hair


walt jabsco said...

fantastic set

Monika Seitz Vega said...

Thanks. I think it is really sweet that she glued them into an album or scrapbook of some kind originally, maybe a book of memories from her Navy years.