17 September 2013

postcards, part 1

I've been collecting postcards nearly my entire life. I had family all over the country, and my parents and I traveled quite a bit when I was young. Postcards were (and still are) an inexpensive souvenir from a visit to somewhere new, and convenient for a quick "hello". Since I was a kid I've loved sending postcards to friends, and am excited when I get them in return. 

What began as correspondence between myself and friends + family turned into a enthusiasm for interesting or rare graphics, correspondence between people I've never met, images of places I know from another era, and an overall love of the art of the postcard. A few months ago I conquered the daunting task of organizing my collection. My postcards are now in archival sleeves, labeled when necessary, and easy to access. I'm looking forward to sharing them here, beginning with this iconic block lettering theme. 

front of postcard

back of postcard, with reference guide

front of postcard

back of postcard

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